High mountain training for the 4th Alpipar

(To Army Majority State)

Last week, at the "Cesare Battisti" barracks in Aosta, the training phase in "high mountains" involving the 4th Alpine parachute regiment and a detachment of US green berets, the green berets, belonging to the 10th special forces group, stationed in Germany.

The training module, which began on 4 July, had as its focus the permanence and mobility at high altitudes on glaciers, mixed terrain and ridges. During the 4 weeks i Cleaning and the US counterpart have completed numerous activities in the area of ​​the Graian Alps (Mont Blanc glacier), the Pennine Alps (Monte Rosa glacier), in Val Savarenche and Val Ferret, reaching a total of 7 peaks over 4 thousand meters between which Punta Zumstein (4.563 m.), Punta Gnifetti (4.554 m.), the Balmenhorn (4.167 m.), the Gran Paradiso (4.061 m.), Piramide Vincent (4.215 m.).

The purpose of the activity was to evaluate the mobility capabilities of a unit operating at height with minimal acclimatization. The units also trained on rock climbing with individual equipment and on rescue and self-rescue procedures in the mountains.

The operators of the Operational Detachment-Alpha (OD-A) participants in the training have constantly shown professionalism and interest in the proposed activities, which was followed by a continuous exchange of experiences and procedures, profitable for both parties. At the end, the operators represented the strong desire to continue with the conduct of joint activities with the 4th Alpine Parachute Regiment (Ranger) and, therefore, to consolidate and increase the level of cooperation between the units, also expanding it in the development of specific materials. .