Mountaineering training for the 6th Alpine regiment

(To Army Majority State)

An intense activity of movement in the high mountains and in a snowy environment that involved the 6th Alpine Regiment, an operational unit of the Army framed in the Alpine Troops Command, has ended in recent days.

Instructor staff of the "Bassano" battalion (body responsible for carrying out advanced ski courses), flanked by the regimental cadres possessing adequate skiing skills, conducted a mountaineering training lasting four days.

In particular, the instructors of the "Bassano" were able to apply the procedures for the safe management of ascents and the techniques for approaching the high mountains, also simulating the recovery procedures for any accidents, using suitable means of transport to lead back to downstream of any injuries.

In the four days of continuous activity, the military traveled about 70km on skis or wearing snowshoes, depending on the terrain. Along the development of the itinerary, 5.502 meters in altitude were faced and there was no lack of activities peculiar to the alpine specialty, to underline the importance of maintaining a high level of training and operational capacity and then providing - in safety - the basic ski mountaineering techniques during the courses that the 6th Alpine Regiment conducts annually in favor of Army personnel.