Military Academy: forty years of the 163 ° "Loyalty" course

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the forty-year ceremony of the 163rd "Loyalty" course took place. The event made it possible to bring together, in a symbolic twinning, the young students of the 203rd course with the officers of the 163rd, sealing the deep bond of brotherhood that binds the different generations of officers who attend the Military Academy. Major General Davide Scalabrin, commander of the Institute, welcomed the gatherers and their families, recalling how the many changes that have affected the Academy in the last 40 years have not changed the centrality of the ethical-moral education of the future. official.

During the ceremony the head of the course, general of division Antonio Bettelli, addressed significant words of encouragement to the students of the 202 ° course "Honor" and of the 203 ° course "Loyalty" present, reminding them: "The important pedagogical work carried out during the training period represents a seal for the future professionalism of each student and roots the character profile that must animate the commitment of all the officers of the Army and of the Carabinieri during their service , in support of the national community and for the supreme good of security ".

In his speech, the commander of the Military Academy after greeting the gatherers with a warm "Welcome back to the parent company" thanked them for "having offered us a model to conform to, a model that today we want to present to our young students, so that it becomes for they are the compass to refer to in the years to come ".

At the 163rd “Loyalty” course, whose original name is also associated with the memory of General Giuseppe Garibaldi, 282 official students were admitted, to which were then added 12 Somali students; the oath of loyalty to the Italian Republic took place on November 28, 1982 in the presence of the inspector of the Army Schools and commander of the War School, of the MOVM Tranquillo Carlo Ferrari and of the then commander of the Military Academy, General Pietro Egidio Re, present among the guests of the 40th anniversary.

Many officers on duty were present, some of whom now hold prestigious positions at the joint and armed force level.

The Military Academy, established in Turin on 1 January 1678 with the name of the Royal Academy of Savoy, is today the university-based military institute responsible for the initial training of future officers in the normal role of the Italian Army and of the Arma dei Carabinieri, in a course of study that will lead to the achievement of a degree in Strategic Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies and Law.

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