Military Academy, swearing in by psychology officers

(To Army Majority State)

At the Palazzo Ducale, headquarters of the Military Academy, ten directly appointed psychological officers took a solemn oath to the Italian Republic, individually, in front of the Institute Flag and in the presence of the commander, general of division Davide Scalabrin.

General Scalabrin, as a premise of the sworn statement, reminded the newly sworn officers "The centrality of the act that today, with discipline, honor and a sense of duty you subscribe indissolubly, but with extreme awareness and a sense of responsibility, represents your choice of life, free and aware, which will lead you to be more and more proud of the service you provide to the country ".

The 10 psychological officers of the health body, with today's ceremony, they completed the application course which, divided into two phases carried out respectively in Modena and Cesano di Roma at the Infantry school, provided the basic references and technical - military procedures of the "soldier".

From next week, the officers, who have become full members of that single group forged by the Military Academy, will continue their training at the School of Health and Veterinary of the Army of Rome.