Military Academy, change at the top: General Sganga hands over command to General Scalabrin

(To Army Majority State)

In the evocative setting of the Cortile d'Onore of the Ducal Palace of Modena, the alternation ceremony of the commander of the Military Academy took place, during which, in the presence of the commander for the Training and Application School of the Army, general of division Mauro D'Ubaldi and the local authorities, Major General Rodolfo Sganga handed over the command to Brigadier General Davide Scalabrin.

The title of " Cadet ad honorem "to Professor Paola Del Din, Gold Medal for Military Valor, former godmother of the" Del Din "course of the" Teuliè "Military School, of the 186 ° course" Dignity "and of the 201 ° course" Example "of Military Academy.

General Sganga in his farewell address addressed these words to the cadets: “Your commitment, your dedication, your passion for excellence are the stimulus for each of us to do even better to ensure you get the most out of this formative period. I admire you guys, the choice you have made becomes more difficult every year but you have not shown fear to question yourself. I also look at you with a little healthy envy, because you are at the dawn of an exciting journey, which I would start again tomorrow morning. Continue to give the best of yourself, commit yourself as much as possible because the academic efforts will be repaid once you reach the departments ".

General Scalabrin, addressing the students, reminded them how “To realize your dream of becoming commanders, you must first learn to serve your beloved homeland with discipline and honor. The men and women who will be entrusted to your responsibility deserve to have trained commanders, ready to make difficult choices, to take full responsibility for their work, but above all in love with their profession ".

In his speech the commander for the Army Training and Application School stressed that "The human component of the Army must be wisely and carefully trained from the very first access to the Training Institutes, so that through a path of solid and balanced growth, both in the ethical-moral component and in the professional one, it can quickly become an enabling factor for the renovation and improvement of the Institution ". Brigadier General Davide Scalabrin, 70th commander of the Institute, has held various positions, nationally and internationally, including those of military assistant and aide-de-camp for the Army of the President of the Republic (2014-2018), commander of the "Taurinense" alpine brigade (2018-2021) and commander of the "Joint Task Force Lebanon - Sector West" as part of Operation "Leonte XXIX" in Lebanon (February-August 2021).

The ceremony was held in full compliance with the current regulations for combating and containing COVID-19.