6th Edition of the "Army Chief of Staff Trophy"

(To Army Majority State)

Last week, at the conclusion of the last test carried out by the participants, the army corps general Salvatore Farina, went to the Cesano Infantry School to participate in the award ceremony of the 6 ° "Trophy of the Chief of Staff Army ".

General Farina, after being greeted by the commander of the Infantry School, Brigadier General Giuseppe Faraglia, reached Piazzale XXIV Maggio where he was present at the awarding of the "SME Chief Trophy", a team race that saw soldiers from every order and degree, coming from different bodies and departments of the Italian Army, to compete among themselves in particularly intensive operational-training activities.

Specifically, as required by the regulation of the event, the soldiers challenged each other in the performance of four tests: CAGSM (Military Sports Exerciser Training Circuit), 10 ballasted kilometers kilometers with 10 kilogram backpack, precision launch of the Bomb to Beretta ARX160 hand and assault rifle shots from a distance of 100 meters. The aim of the competition, in addition to developing and increasing team spirit is to perform at a higher level of accuracy, commitment and precision, activities that fall within the normal training cycle and are carried out during the course of the year in order to maintain high the level of physical preparation.

The final phase of the event was attended by a total of military 315 divided into 21 teams. The team of the Trophy won the trophy Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine Command, while as far as the best absolute athlete is concerned, Lieutenant Francesco Rubino, of the 197 ° Course of the Military Academy, was awarded for the COMFORDOT team.

The chief of staff, during the awarding ceremony, underlined the importance of the competition recalling how the purpose of the event is not only to put the Italian soldiers to the test in a healthy way, that individually, have the task of keeping their physical efficiency high at the highest levels, but at the same time, it is to create a synergy between the various components of the Army, a mutual understanding and a harmony capable of bringing everyone to the achievement of the intended objectives.