40th anniversary of the establishment of the Corps of Engineers

(To Army Majority State)

The Corps of Engineers, established on 9 October 1980 following the unification of the pre-existing ones Technical services of the various Weapons, is now 40 years old, committed more than ever to projects with high technological value and to the challenges it is called upon to face in order to homologate and supply vehicles, materials and weapon systems that fully meet the current operational needs of the Armed Force.

The body plays a fundamental role in the Army's constant improvement process by carrying out scientific and technical studies, developing regulations for the maintenance, use and repair of vehicles and materials, as well as designing and testing buildings and infrastructures, representing an irreplaceable resource. .

Proud heirs of the Army's traditions and technical services, the engineering officers contribute decisively to the constant renewal of the Armed Force by generating innovative and virtuous development processes in close synergy with the academic world and industry.

Their valuable work was also particularly appreciated during the Covid-19 emergency, when some engineering officers were employed in an Italian company to boost the production of pulmonary respirators, destined for intensive care units in times of greatest need.

The Army Corps of Engineers includes graduated officers in a wide range of technical - scientific disciplines from four-year and five-year degree courses, employed in different branches of the Defense, they perform their institutional duties at the Technical Directions (TERRARM, GENIODIFE, ARMAEREO, TELEDIFE and NAVARM), the central bodies, the Maintenance Poles (Rome, Terni, Piacenza and Nola), the Factories, the Multifunctional Experimentation Center (CEPOLISPE), the NBC Joint Logistics Center (CETLI NBC), the Territorial Technical Offices (Turin and Nettuno), the factories of the Defense Industries Agency.

Brilliant officers always ready to put their competence and professionalism at the service of the country, in any circumstance, the officers of the Army Corps of Engineers, distinguished by the helmet of Minerva on their displays, represent a precious resource for our whole country. .

May the wishes for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the body reach all of them on this day.