June 25, 1984: recognition of the specialty of the lagoon

(To Army Majority State)

On 25 June 1984, with a decree signed by the Minister of Defense and completing a process that began in 1951 with the establishment of the "lagoon forces sector", which was responsible for defending the Venetian lagoon area, the specialty of lagoon.

Already in 1964 i lagoon they received from the then chief of staff of the Italian Army the denomination of lagoon regiment "Serenissima", together with the moral task of guarding and preserving the traditions of the marine infantry of the "Serenissima Republic of Venice", established by Doge Enrico Dandolo in 1202 and transformed during the XNUMXth century into "Fanti da Mar".

Today the lagoons are a specialty of the Infantry, an operational, flexible, modern and fundamental pawn for an Army that is increasingly engaged in Italy and abroad. Thanks to their ability to act effectively in any environment, especially in amphibious, river and lake operations, which require uncommon physical and professional training, the lagoons have been employed in operations abroad from Bosnia to Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan. and at home with their contribution in public utility interventions such as the “Sicilian Vespers” operation, “Forza Paris” and the current "Safe Roads".

A point of reference for all citizens of the Venetian lagoon, the "Serenissima" regiment has provided its invaluable contribution in the activities to combat and contain Covid-19, with the transport and distribution of personal protective equipment and the disinfection of public buildings .

Faithful to their motto "Like the rock I break, like the wave I overwhelm", the Army lagoons, strong in their ancient traditions and their values, such as determination, dedication and solid preparation, represent an important resource for everything our country.

To all the lagoons on duty and on leave, today we express our most fervent wishes for ever greater fortunes!

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