205th anniversary of the Army Commissariat Corps

(To Army Majority State)

Il Commissariat body of the Army celebrates today the 205th anniversary of the establishment ofGeneral Intendancy of War forerunner of Commissariat body.

Established on January 1, 1998 by the merger of Body of administration with the Commissariat body, already dissolved in 1997. The Flag, conferred on the new body by the President of the Italian Republic, by decree dated 3 July 1998, published in the Official Gazette no. 240 of 14 October 1998, is kept at the School of Commissariat by Maddaloni.

From the Sardinian Army to the Army of today, in over two centuries of history, the commissioners of the Italian Army have continuously guaranteed complete administrative and logistical support to the Armed Force with professionalism, dedication and passion.

"The men and women of the Corps have given life to a solid tradition of values, ensuring, both in war and in peace, that constant, silent and humble support, indispensable for carrying out all operational and logistical activities". In particular, the commissioners of the Army continuously ensure: the correct performance of procurement activities, financial management, administrative, accounting and matriculation activities, salary treatment, logistical support relating to vehicles, materials and provisioning and legal advice. legal to the Commanders.

From this year the work of the Army commissioners is under the benevolent protection of the blessed virgin of Divine Providence and St. Lawrence Martyr, appointed on 24 March 2021 by the military ordinariate for Italy as co-patrons of the Commissariat body. On November 19 of each year they will be celebrated together with the anniversary of the establishment of the Corps.

"Today, the Commissioners represent an increasingly specialized component, widely present in every unit and indispensable for the effective functioning of the Armed Force". To all men and women belonging to the Commissariat body best wishes for ever greater successes.