16 new qualified amphibians for the Army

(To Army Majority State)

With the ceremony for the delivery of the green beret and the winged lion, symbols of the youngest specialty of the Army Infantry Weapon, the 77th course of Army Amphibious Qualification (QAE).

During the course, lasting 5 weeks, the students learned the technical tactical procedures of infantry in an amphibious, lagoon and riverine environment and the use of materials and equipment supplied to amphibious troops.

The training activities, carried out under the supervision of highly qualified instructors of the company courses and in full compliance with the provisions on the containment and contrast of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, saw the lagoons engaged in the military area of ​​Malcontenta for training terrestrial and Vignole Island in Venice for training with AAV7 amphibious floats and boats.

Passing the amphibious qualification course represents an essential requirement for the lagoon to remain in the regiment and become part of the amphibious component of the Army.

The training objectives include the completion of the individual training of the fighter, the improvement of his psycho-physical skills, the deepening of combat techniques and procedures in the context of amphibious operations, the use of the specialized means provided.

During the closing ceremony of the course, the regimental commander, Colonel Claudio Guaschino, handed over the coveted green beret to the new lagoons, who will now be able to wear the amphibious qualification badge of merit.

The "Serenissima" lagoon regiment is a maneuvering unit of the "Pozzuolo del Friuli" cavalry brigade, which provides the assets for the Armed Force and for National Projection Screening Capacity and qualifies Army personnel in amphibious combat.