128 marshals ready to command a platoon

(To Army Majority State)

It took place this morning, at the Officers' School of the Army, the ceremony for conferring the degree in "Political Science and International Relations" to 128 marshals of the XXII course "Dare". The event saw the participation of numerous military and civil authorities, including the general of the army corps Carlo Lamanna, commander of the Formation, Specialization and Doctrine of the Army, the prefect of Viterbo, Antonio Cananà, the president of the Province, dr. Alessandro Romoli, the commissioner of Viterbo dr. Giancarlo Sant'Elia and the director of the Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business of the University of Tuscia, professor Tiziana Laureti.

Major General Alberto Vezzoli, commander of the Officers' School of the Army, in congratulating the visitors, underlined how “The knowledge acquired and the experiences gained in these three years have allowed you to begin filling your backpack at the base of which there is study, knowledge, preparation. The University of Tuscia has given us the tools to fill it, aware that in life everything you have studied can be useful at any time and is, at times, the only help in difficult conditions. Now it's up to you! Be humble and never stop studying, continue tirelessly to fill your backpack. Good luck to all ".

General Lamanna addressed the marshals: “You have reached another milestone; it is a further success that will integrate your professional, physical and moral preparation and, above all, will give you the interpretative keys to understand the situations and the reality that will see you protagonists as commanders of men and women of the Armed Force ".

As per tradition, the Corsican chief, Marshal Carlo Alberto Malaguti, donated the pennant of the course to the commander of the Institute, as a perennial reminder of the passage of the XXII course "Osare" to Officers' School of the Army and a crest to the director of the Department of Economics, to thank the professors of the University of Tuscia who accompanied the visitors to the achievement of the three-year degree. The new graduates have thus concluded the three-year academic year, an intense training process that combines university-level teaching with a demanding program of technical-professional activities aimed at providing a solid cultural and professional preparation to enable the marshals to acquire the skills and technical knowledge. initials, essential to fill, from next August, the delicate position of platoon commanders at the operational units of the armed force.