106th anniversary of the commemoration of the military events of the 9th Infantry Regiment

(To Army Majority State)

A ceremony was held this morning at the "Lolli Ghetti" barracks in Trani, headquarters of the 9th infantry regiment, in the presence of the highest civilian and military officers of the province, a ceremony to celebrate the 106th anniversary of the military events that occurred during the 3rd battle of the Isonzo on Monte San Michele where, during the 1st World War, the "White Fusiliers" of the 9th infantry regiment opposed heroic resistance to the enemy.

The events on the Isonzo, which were characterized by the courage up to the extreme sacrifice of the "White Fusiliers", led to the granting of the Gold Medal for Military Valor to the War Flag of the regiment. During the ceremony, the commander of the 9th regiment, Colonel Luca Carbonetti, in front of the War Flag and the regiment deployed in arms, recalled the war events as they were noted in the war diary of the time and the tricolor drape was displayed , stained with the blood of the flag group that on the night of 24 October 1915 was hit by an enemy grenade.

Since 1734, the 9th regiment has participated in all the most important war campaigns and military events in the history of Italy and more recently, has seen its personnel engaged in national and foreign operations. The exploits of the infantrymen of the 9th, during the last years, have brought the War Flag of the regiment to be awarded the "Knight" Cross of the Military Order of Italy. On 4 November, in fact, on the occasion of the anniversary of the National Unity Day and the Day of the Armed Forces, in the Quirinale Court of Honor, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the Flag was decorated with the following motivation : "Faithful to the ancient virtues of courage and daring valor, the 9th" Bari "Infantry Regiment was employed from the Balkan to the Afghan operational theater, always guaranteeing an exceptional security framework for the population, local institutions and all international organizations present in the controlled territories, placing itself as a shining example of cohesive and strongly motivated unity. Extraordinary expression of noble ideals, he showed moral firmness, conscious courage and high military virtues, helping to enhance the prestige of the Army and of Italy in the international context. (Kosovo, 2008 - 2010 and Afghanistan, 2018). "

Today the brigade regiment Pinerolo is engaged among other things in the important digitization and innovation project, called Forza NEC, which aims to increase the technological competitiveness of the Army.

The ceremony was attended by the relatives of the personnel of the 9th, the Combat and Weapon Associations, former commanders and soldiers who served in the regiment. For the occasion, a guided tour was carried out in the museum room where historical relics are collected. A static display of the main vehicles and materials supplied to the Army was also set up.