8 occurred February 1889: The Dogali on a mission to the sultanate of Obbia


Dogali torpedo boat ram (commander, frigate captain Francesco Preve) located in the Indian Ocean, after having embarked in Zanzibar the consul Vincenzo Filonardi goes to Obbia (Migiurtinia) to enter into negotiations on the possibility of ensuring the protection of Italy in the sultanate of Obbia, as requested by Sultan Jusuf Ali.

After long and laborious negotiations in which the lieutenant Edoardo Ferrara actively participates, an agreement will be concluded under which all the territories belonging to the sultanate of Obbia will be placed under Italian protection against the payment of an annual fee of 1200 talleri, then brought to 1800. Immediately after, on the garesa (sultanal residence) of Obbia, the zanzibarite flag is lowered and the tricolor is raised. Successfully brought to fruition the mission the Dogali will then direct for repatriation arriving in La Spezia on March 20.

Source: Military Navy