26 occurred February 1917: The courage of the long-time captain Welcome


steamer Gerolamo Ulloa of 4283 tsl, under the command of the long-time captain Raimondo Benvenuti, loaded with petrol and naphtha, coming from Texas and bound for Messina, is attacked with a torpedo by the Germanic submarine UC 37 (commander, lieutenant of vessel Launburg) in the waters Algerian.

The torpedo provokes a strong flooding and even if embarking water the ship remains afloat.

Some of the staff board the boats while the captain, officers and some crew members remain on board, as the land was not far away and the machines still worked, to attempt to rescue the ship and fire the stern cannon on the submarine which , after the first blows, it is immersed by moving away.

The Ulloa is laboriously led to run aground on the coast and with the aid received from Algiers is put in a position to freeze and return to the sea but, while everything is ready, a storm aggravates the situation.

It will take a month of work to allow the ship to reach Algiers in April and enter the dock for the work of the case.

Captain Benvenuti will be decorated with a silver medal for military value and his assistants will receive the bronze medal for military value.

Source: Military Navy