22 May 1887 Happened: New swing bridge in Taranto


Taranto is inaugurated by the archbishop mgr. Pietro Jorio the new swing bridge, christened Umberto Cataldo in honor of the reigning sovereign (Umberto I) and of the patron saint of Taranto (San Cataldo), on the navigable canal that connects the Mar Grande and the Mar Piccolo breast, site of the naval base and of the arsenal in progress.

The long 67 m bridge, built by the Italian metal construction company A. Cottrau under the direction of the Colonel of the Military Engineers Giovanni Cugini, will be the symbol of the "city of the two seas", very dear to the Italian military navy.

In addition to the highest civil and military local authorities, Vice-Admiral Ferdinando Acton, commander in chief of the 2 ° Maritime Department from Naples last 19 with Volta transport, attends the ceremony.

[Previously there was another masonry bridge that was demolished for the realization of the revolving one in the 1885 (photo) which, at the time had replaced a wooden bridge that had only one movable side what the part of the inhabited area]

Source: Military Navy