17 happened April 1864: Regina Maria Pia enters service


between in service the battleship frigate Regina Maria Pia who leaves Toulon after the formal delivery to the Marina to reach the 19 in Genoa after a brief stop in Villefranche.

Class leader of four units that despite being of similar characteristics could be distinguished in two series due to differences in characteristics and appearance, the new unit had a complete armor, a reduced central one with a very pronounced spur and a recessed curved stern; the armor stretched for the entire length of the ship a meter and a half below the waterline and two meters above with a maximum thickness of 120 mm for the whole length of the shortcut where the armor reached the height of the deck.

Without possessing exceptional qualities, all the ships of the class could be considered good units as a compromise and a right balance between the various characteristics.

It was the first ship to bear its own motto, Italiam Vehis (from the Latin, "You bring Italy"), which referred to the embarkation and transfer to Lisbon of Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, daughter of King Vittorio Emanuele II , married to the king of Portugal.

Source: Military Navy