15 happened April 1867: For the facts of LISSA the admiral Persano was found guilty


The High Court of Justice gathered in public hearing in Florence recognizes Admiral Carlo Pellion di Persano guilty of the crimes of non-fulfillment of the mission and of non-compliance with orders, condemning him to expulsion from service, loss of rank and court costs.

The Minister instructs the Supreme Council of Marina to examine the behavior during the Lissa action held by Vice Admiral Giovanni Battista Albini, of the captain of vessel Giuseppe Paolucci, his chief of staff and of Rear Admiral Giovanni Vacca.

The Council, while declaring that Admiral Albini deserved to be put to rest of authority for not doing what he could in the fatal day of Lissa, is placed at rest for length of service and with the same pitiful motivation are soon after turned away from service the other two officers.

With these bland measures, the chapter of the preliminary investigations of the chief managers of Lissa closes.

Source: Military Navy