12 happened May 1909: German royal yacht collides with the Nembo


In the morning, the 2a Destroyer Squadron (Nembo, Aquilone, Espero, squad leader Ernesto Solari on Nembo, frigate captain) which includes the Dart and the Bersagliere, carrying out the honorary escort to the royal yacht Hohenzollern off the coast of Brindisi. Sovereigns of Germany on an official visit to Italy.

During the approach and the maneuvers to lend the escort the Nembo for navigation error of the German ship enters with this in collision reporting damages to the hull, to the superstructures and to the organs of government: entered with their own means in Brindisi will be towed to Taranto by Vulcano factory ship that had already secured buoyancy.

The 24 in the arsenal the Nembo will undergo repair work that will last until November 24.

Source: Military Navy