11 May 1905 Happened: Italian reinforcements against the Turks


Taranto for the island of Crete the battleship Sardinia (commander, captain Enrico Nicastro) and the torpedo boat Giovanni Bausan (commander, captain of vessel Arturo Rolla) who will reach Suda the next 13.

The two units are intended to reinforce the Italian naval presence in the Levant, maintained by the torpedo boat cruiser Minerva (commander, frigate captain Antonio Nagliati), for the anti-Turkish uprising led by Eleuterio Vinizélos which will lead to the withdrawal of Prince George of Greece and the appointment by Alexandros Zaìmis as governor.

The Italian naval group that will be boosted by the arrival of the June 27 in Canea of ​​the torpedo boat destroyer Lombardia sent by the Red Sea, will be set up in Forza Navale del Levante and placed under the command of the captain of vessel Onorato Buglione of Monale (commander of Lombardy).

Source: Military Navy