10 happened May 1885: Giovanni Bausan enters service


between the torpedo boat (protected cruiser according to British naval terminology), Giovanni Bausan, commanded by the captain of the vessel Tòmaso di Savoia, duke of Genoa, serving in Newcastle-on-Tyne (Great Britain).

The new cruiser, designed by John Rendel and launched in the 1883, compared to similar British units had a smaller displacement and a heavier armament, an operation made possible in consideration of the operating conditions in which the unit would have predictably operated. Indeed the unit to act in a narrow basin such as the Mediterranean, it did not need a great autonomy so that the saving in the weight of the reserve fuel could be devolved in favor of the Armstrong building armament which was composed of two 254 / 20 mm pieces arranged along the longitudinal axis and six by 152 / 33 mm arranged on the bridge deck, three on each side.

The engine composed of two dual-expansion 6000 hp power units powered by four double-sided cylindrical boilers gave 17 a speed of nodes. Overall, the construction of this unit could be considered successful, especially in relation to the modest displacement and at low cost (5.499.000 lire). However, the evolution of artillery and the affirmation of other types of ships (cruisers, armored cruisers) will soon limit the importance of this type of unit which will be mainly used in overseas campaigns and in colonial service.

The unit will leave the 21 May Great Britain for Italy arriving in Cagliari the 8 June and then meet in Augusta the next 11 to the Permanent Team.

Source: Military Navy