07 January 1914 Happened: The Aeronautical Department was established in the Major State


Similar to what has already been implemented in the Ministry of War, a 5th Aeronautical Department is established in that of the Navy, in the Office of the General Staff. Head of the Department the frigate captain Guido Scelsi, airship pilot and veteran of the Italo-Turkish war, employed lieutenant Agostino Penco, former commander of the P.1 airship at the Benghazi airport and a commissioner officer.

The tasks of the new Department are expanded to include the study, the choice, the use of various types of airships and seaplanes for the service of the Navy and their hangars and annexes, the directives and the supervision for the education of the whole aeronautical personnel and related regulations. It is up to said Department to establish the aeronautical construction program, taking the necessary agreements with the competent Ministry Office for the provision of funds, both ordinary and extraordinary, required for the aforementioned services.

Source: MM