06 May 1891 happened: Armor incident Morosini


The battleship Francesco Morosini (commander, captain of vessel Gustavo Colonna) flagship of the commander in chief of the Permanent Squad, Vice Admiral Raffaele Noce, during the navigation along the western Ligurian Riviera strip with the keel on the bench of Santo Stefano reporting non-serious failures but they advise the return to Spezia.

With the introduction in the dock the activities of the unit will stop for two months for the necessary repair work.

The commission of inquiry immediately appointed and placed under the presidency of Vice-Admiral Federico Martini recognizes guilt in the responsibility for the safety of the ship and the conduct of navigation and in accordance with the Regulations for the service on armed ships (the article 34 attests that during navigation the commander-in-chief of a naval force is responsible for the safety of the ships placed under his command, the commander of the unit is responsible for the safety of the unit at his command and finally the officer of the route is responsible for the conduct of the navigation) exonerates the Admiral Noce from the command for the entire period of repair of the unit, places the commander of the ship and the Chief of Staff of the Squadron (Captain Captain Carlo Marquis) available, condemns the officer on the route, Lieutenant Alessandro Tosi, to a month of arrests in the fortress and acquits the officer of the watch by seaworthiness and decision-making ability on the bridge at the time of the accident, vessel lieutenant Ernesto Stampa.

Source: Military Navy