May 03 happened 1914: Battle ships never made


the battleship from 31.400 t, leader of three units, the name Francesco Caracciolo is imposed on the construction site of Castellammare di Stabia.

The other three units currently under contract at Ansaldo in Genoa, Odero in Genoa, Sestri and Orlando in Livorno, are given the names Cristoforo Colombo, Marcantonio Colonna, Francesco Morosini.

None of these four large ships will enter service because construction will first be suspended (1915-1918 war) and then canceled for the Colombo, Colonna and Morosini while the works were in their initial state.

The works for the Caracciolo, which was in a more advanced stage, will be continued to allow the launch but in 1920 the hull will be sold to private individuals.

Source: Military Navy