03 happened May 1866: Operation Army established


The Army of Operation is constituted divided into three squads (battle, armored frigates; subsidiary, frigates and propeller corvettes; siege, minor armored wood sailing) with a flotilla of auxiliary units attached to the battle squad.

Admiral Carlo Pellion di Persano destined to command the Army (31 units) with insignia on the King of Italy, also has the special command of the Battle Squad (13 units); the Subsidiary Squad (11 units) is placed under the orders of Vice Admiral Giovanni Battista Albini with insignia on the frigate Maria Adelaide and the Siege Squad (seven units) is commanded by Rear Admiral Giovanni Vacca on the Principe di Carignano frigate. The flotilla attached to the battle team (six units) placed under the command of the frigate captain Antonio Sandri is made up of gunboats and logistic units.

Upon arrival in Taranto of Admiral Persano the Division of Evolution will be dissolved.

Source: Military Navy