May 20: 1882-1915

(To Vasco Monteforte)

Il 20 May 1882 it is the date on which the Triple Alliance" between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. This treaty established a defensive military alliance between the three countries, committing them to mutual support in case of attack by other great powers.

The treaty was first renewed in 1887, confirming initial commitments and making some changes to adapt to geopolitical changes. The treaty then continued to be renewed at regular intervals (1891, 1902, 1912), with the last extension before the outbreak of the First World War.

Il 20 May 1915, the Italian Parliament met to discuss and ratify the London Pact with the Triple "Entente" (UK, France and Russia).

The official ratification marked the end of the Alliance with the Central Powers and the beginning of Italian participation in the First World War alongside the powers of the Triple Entente.