16 December 1878: Law "BRIN"

(To Marina Militare)

Monday - Law on the rearrangement of personnel, better known as the "Brin Law".

They are Military Corps, each organically and hierarchically defined:

  • General Staff: official 458. The appropriate table inserts the new rank of captain of the corvette placing it between the lieutenant of the vessel and the captain of the frigate, establishing the attributions in general.
  • Naval Engineers: 73 Engineers and Assistant Officers and 78 Engineer Officers;
  • Maritime military health: 117 medical officers;
  • Maritime military commissioner: 235;
  • Royal Corps Crews: 15.055 men divided into categories: Helmsmen (666), Sailors (7878), Cannonieri (2162), Torpedo boats (846), Machinists and firemen (1987), Furieri (408), Workers (455), Helpers (204) ), Nurses (266), Musicians and trumpeters (183). It should be noted that the rank of sub-chief appears for the first time instead of that of corporal, considered to belong to the hierarchy of the Army.

They are civilian employees, organically divided into:

  • Professors and teachers of the Navy Schools, 58;
  • Accountants and warehouse guardians, 123;
  • Naval pharmacists, 8;
  • Technical leaders and workers' leaders, 350

Degrees and their correspondences, functions and attributions are established for all military bodies and civil categories.