13 October 1911: Last long station in America

(To Marina Militare)

Friday - The torpedo boat Etruria (commander, corvette captain Giovanni Battista Tanca) arrives in Naples after the crossing of the Mediterranean made in combat gear.

The unit is back from a very long campaign lasting four and a half years during which it had taken 131 anchorages and traveled about 73.000 miles.

The end of the journey marks a date to remember in the history of the oceanic campaigns of the Regia Marina as the Etruria was the last to make a long station in America.

With his return, a mission was interrupted that had not only begun with the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy, but dated back to the even more distant times of the Kingdom of Sardinia (the frigate Des Geneys in the 1834 went on a mission to Rio de Janeiro returning to Genoa on December 12 to then return to South America as stationary from the 1841 to the 1843).