Tokyo 2020: the women's beach volleyball team cuts the ticket for the Olympics

(To air Force)

At the World Tour 4 * in Sochi (Rus) the chief airman Orsi Toth Viktoria together with the first chosen airman Marta Menegatti obtained the qualification to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. Viktoria: "After the disqualification I would not have wanted to enter the field anymore. I was too hurt and didn't want to be hurt again. Not only was it tough on an emotional level, I didn't have any points because I couldn't play; I hadn't played or trained for over a year. I had found stability away from the field. We were friends with Marta and we risked everything, when few would have bet on us with these bases. During the competition period I had severe anemia, I fractured my sternum, I had bad inflammation in the sternoclavicular joint. It was a hard, painful, not at all obvious qualification". At the conclusion of the tournament in Sochi Marta Menegatti launches a cry of liberation that tells a lot: "Very few people believed in us and in our value back in 2018, but in these three years Vicky and I have been flanked and supported by a team of professionals who have never stopped believing in our project. In Tokyo we will play our best by using all the pride and joy of representing theair Force and our Italy".

Still on the sand of Beach Volleyball, Carambula Raurich Chief Airman Adrian Ignacio is still fighting for the Olympic pass together with his teammate Rossi Enrico; the athletes, despite finishing in 4th place at the World Tour 4 * in Sochi and having beaten their compatriots first airman chosen Lupo Daniele and first airman chosen Nicolai Paolo - athletes already medaled in Rio 2016 and qualified for Tokyo -, do not have the mathematical certainty to be able to compete in the Olympic Games and will still have to compete in the World Tour 4 * in Ostrava (CZE).

In the shot put the first airman Leonardo Fabbri was reborn who, at the European Super League Nations Championship in Chorzow (Pol), obtained the second individual place and the Team silver medal. Leo begins: "I really deserved it, I've never had such a bad time. I have to thank my mental coach Alessandra Mattioni, who helped me to get out of this bad period, the DT La Torre who believed in me and summoned me".

In the Super League European Championship for Nations, in addition to Leonardo Fabbri, the first airman Osama Zoghlami, 3rd in the 3000 hedges, the chief airman Martina Merlo, 4th again in the 3000 hedges, also won the team silver medal, the first chief airman Davide Manenti and the first airman Federico Cattaneo (together with the two athletes of the Fiamme Gialle Desalu and Patta) fifth in the 4x100 relay and the chief airman Dariya Derkach, 7th in the triple jump with m. 13,88. In this last race the athletes gathered in a few centimeters, in fact the podium was only 8 cm.

Victory of the champion for the sergeant major Paolo Pizzo ai Italian Fencing Championships in Cassino: "I proved to myself that work pays off: a little talk, a lot of training. In the race there were all the strongest". The title, the third for the Rio 2016 Olympic medalist, certifies that Paolo is the best in Italy. In the same race they are Bronze medal the first airman chosen Andrea Vallosio and the airman chosen Enrico Piatti, the latter, thanks to the 3rd place, manages to win the Italian under 23 championship. Still numerous medals in Cassino, at the Absolute Italian Fencing Championships - Bronze medal for the chief airman Alessandro Paroli in the foil specialty; Bronze medal for the first airman Beatrice Cagnin in the sword specialty and Italian champion under 23. The first airman Michela Battiston wins the Silver medal in the female saber and always in the same race the first airman Benedetta Taricco is bronze medal.

In rhythmic gymnastics the Blue Butterflies two win Gold at the World Cup of Pesaro, with the team formed by the chief airman Alessia Maurelli, by the chief airman Martina Centofanti, by the first airman Martina Santandrea and by the first airman Agnese Duranti.

In Rome, at CSIO 5 * piazza di Siena, excellent results for equestrian athletes in the h.155 category; the first chief airman Emilio Bicocchi is classified in 2nd place while the seventh and eighth place are respectively conquered by the chief airman Giampiero Garofalo and by the chief airman Lorenzo De Luca; airman Lorenzo De Luca takes second place in the small h.160 grand prix.

In Bolzano, during the Badminton Superseries, the first airman Fabio Caponio wins the men's singles and doubles paired with Giovanni Toti (GS Army), while the chief airman Kevin Strobl gets the silver medal paired with a civilian athlete.