Tokyo 2020, canoe: Air Force athlete qualified for the Olympics

(To air Force)

The athlete of the Vigna di Valle Sports Center, first airman Manfredi Rizza, wins the Italian Olympic selections and wins the place to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. The canoeist from Pavia won bronze with the K1 200m in the World Cup in Szeged (HUN), detaching the promising Italian challenger Andrea Diliberto who reached the final B.

The first airman gets the pass for Tokyo after winning three tough selection races in 2021, the last of which in Hungary, and having qualified Italy already in 2019, finishing 5th in the World Championship in Hungary.

"I'm happy, there were all the strongest in the race, I felt good and I was charged. It was a real Tokyo dress rehearsal. Now I have reached a level to compete with the first in the world. Military, my sports coordinator, Marshal Larissa Nevierov who created the perfect team, my coach, the federal technician Stefano Loddo, flanked by nutritionist Dr. Lucia Rossi and sports psychologist Dr. Miriam Rossi. They all allowed me to being able to express myself as much as possible without leaving anything to chance ".

Rizza graduated from the Milan Polytechnic with a Master's in Engineering and passed Covid-19 in September 2020, donating plasma to help other human lives. An athlete with a heart of gold who concludes: "We are on the right path".

The first airman Manfredi Rizza was already present at the Rio 2016 Olympics with the K1 200m canoe as representative of Italy, obtaining 6th place in the final.