Sixteen athletes from the Paralympic Defense Sports Group swam across the Strait of Messina

(To Greater Defense)

The crossing of the Strait of Messina from Torre Faro to Villa San Giovanni is the undertaking in which sixteen athletes of the Paralympic Defense Sports Group.

Some of them, experienced swimmers, covered the entire 3.800-meter course. The others, including 4 athletes with a degree of disability that normally require them to use a wheelchair, took turns in the water in an exciting relay.

The last 100 meters were covered by the 16 athletes, all swimming side by side, to symbolize the team spirit and harmony that animates all the athletes of the GSPD.

An exceptional companion, in the water, was Rear Admiral Luca Sancilio, deputy head of the V Department of the Defense Staff (SMD) who wanted to line up alongside the athletes in this adventure.

The event was organized in collaboration with the local Navy and Port Authority principals and, above all, thanks to the help of the ASD Ulysse Nuoto which has been organizing the crossings for some time.

At the end of the challenge, the head of the V department of SMD and president of the general GSPD of the cc division Alfonso Manzo wanted to personally congratulate all the protagonists of this unforgettable day.

Names of the participants

  • with the. (RO) Roberto Como, Army Gold Medal for Valor (MOVE)
  • ten.col. (RO) Gianfranco Paglia, Gold Medal for Military Valor (MOVM) - Gold Medal for Victim of Terrorism, Captain of the GSPD
  • mar. ord Massimiliano Riccio
  • deputy brigadier (RO) Raffaele Di Luca
  • corporal major chosen chief Davide Grasso
  • corporal major chosen chief Adriano Vena
  • Corporal Major Victor Scaccia on leave
  • Andrea Quarta, Bronze Medal for Military Valor (MBVM) on leave
  • technical assistant Giuseppe Spatola
  • administrative assistant Daniele Nasole
  • administrative assistant Jacopo Maria Curzi
  • assistant Michele Ricciardi
  • administrative assistant Angelo Antonio Corsaro
  • administrative assistant Umberto Santangelo
  • administrative assistant Giorgio Porpiglia
  • technical assistant Alessandro Recita

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