The Army still on the podium in the World Cup

(To Army Majority State)

The weekend leading up to the Christmas celebrations saw the athletes of the Army Sports Center emerge in several races in the World Cup and the European Cup circuit.

In the World Cup circuit, the discipline of alpine skiing has once again highlighted the c.le maj. ca. Elena Curtoni who, after the podium in St. Moritz, found the podium again in Val d'Isere, finishing the Super Giant race in third position.
In snowboardcross, on the other hand, the c.le maj. sc. Michela Moioli won her race on the slopes of Cervinia, detaching the pass for the next Olympics where she will present herself as reigning champion.

Positive signs and growth also come from the alpine snowboard team where, with the veteran c.le maj. ca. Roland Fischnaller, is immediately podium in Carezza with the test closed in third place.

In the European Cup circuit, for biathlon and ski mountaineering, the c.le VFP4 Sara Scattolo found the podium in both individual and team tests, winning a second place.
The c.le maj. ca. Windisch proved solid in the team competition, winning a second place.

Now the stages of the World Cup are being prepared, which will close in 2021 to project the Azzurri to the real selections for the Beinjing 2022 Olympic Games in January.