The Italian Air Force wins first place in the absolute Italian championships for Sailing Club

(To air Force)

Over the past weekend, near Trieste, more precisely in Portopiccolo, an intense weekend of regattas has just been completed for the assignment of the medals for the Italian Championship for Club 2019, where the team of the Air Force Sports Center has risen on the top step of the podium.

The Italian title conquered by the Air Force is a further notch that the crew composed of the 1 ° Marshal Giancarlo Simeoli, the sergeant major Marco Balbi, the first airman chief Bannetta Giovanni and from the 1 ° airman chosen Niccolò Bertola, can pin on his own uniform.

This hard fought Italian Championship saw the boat of the Sports Center of Vigna di Valle reassert from the not too positive initial tests up to the highest step of the podium putting behind the Compagnia della Vela of Venice and the Società Velica Garda Salò. Tenacity, determination and tight maneuvers have allowed the Air Force aircraft to conquer the most coveted square that the 12 qualified 40 members of the Italian Sailing League had set themselves to attack.

With this gold, the athletes of the Vigna di Valle Sports Center, in addition to having graduated from the Italian Vela 2019 champions, have also qualified for the 2020 edition of the Club World Championships.