Invictus Games: Great start with 4 gold medals for the GSPD

(To Greater Defense)

An excellent start for the competitors of the GSPD Difesa ai Invictus Games underway in The Hague in the Netherlands which have already won 4 gold medals.

The first success was obtained from mar. ca of the carabinieri Mattia Dal Pastro, gold medal in the 1500 meters race in the IT3 category.

The col is also very good. Roberto Como of the Army who in the same test won the bronze medal.

The caporal major chosen EI Marco Pisani in the 100 meters category IT2, ten. with the. EI Giuseppe Campoccio in the shot put category F6 and the col. And I Carlo Calcagni for in the 400 meters category IT1.

Excellent results also for the cc Mattia Dal Pastro, silver medal in the 100 meters category IT3, for the specialty archery team Compound composed by the ten.col EI Giuseppe Erriquez, c.le maj. ca. sc EI Massimo Addio and pinned Andrea Preite who won the bronze medal.

Il Paralympic Defense Sports Group (GSPD) will be engaged until April 22 next in Invictus Games.

The games in progress are dedicated to military personnel who have contracted permanent disabilities in service or due to service.

There are 500 athletes from 17 countries.

Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, which organized the games, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.