Hoarding medals for the AM Sports Center this past weekend

(To air Force)

A weekend full of satisfactions for the Air Force Sports Center, which wins several titles in various sports disciplines.

In athletics the chief airman Martina Merlo, trained by our first chief airman Liberato Pellecchia, wins the gold medal in the 3000 steeplechase specialty and the bronze medal in the 5000 meters, obtaining the new one with 16'03 "02 personal best and the new record of the AM Sports Center Silver medal for the first airman Osama Zoghlami, in the specialty of the 3000 male hedges and third place for the chief airman Federico Tontodonati in the 10.000 meters walk specialty.

Thanks to these results and those obtained in the Padua test at the end of August, the AM finally won the men's Italian Cup which in the last ten years has always been won by other clubs.

In the Golfo del Pevero race course in Costa Smeralda, 27 competing teams from 13 different nations fought in multiple tests to select the 4 finalists. The crew made up of the navigator first marshal Giancarlo Simeoli, the sergeant major Marco Balbi, the first chief airman Chosen Giovanni Bannetta and the talented helmsman first chief airman chosen Niccolò Bertola, graduated European vice champion club, after the exciting regattas, which ended with a thrilling final.

Next appointment for the Aeronautica Militare Team the Italian championship for Club 2020-21 in Rimini at the end of the month.

Finally, in Bolzano in the Top12 "Alperia Cup" Table Tennis Tournament, a competition that sees the 12 strongest athletes in Italy compared, there is no lack of other results of great depth. The standard bearer of the Air Force Sports Center, the first chosen airman Mihai Bobocica, wins first place confirming himself once again at the highest national levels. Third position for the first airman chosen Marco Rech Daldosso, who after the clash with Bobocica in the semifinals gives way to his teammate for access to the final.

A truly exciting match, where our athlete managed to prevail on the opponent of the Blue Flames, Jordy Piccolin, recovering at the end of five sets of entertainment. "It was a really tough final, where Jordy played very aggressively and winning a final of this level makes the flavor of this victory even greater.", comments at the end of the match Bobocica. In the ranking by company, the Italian Air Force Sports Center takes second place.