The sergeant major Portale wins the 3-star international Palmanova

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the pair formed by sergeant major Emiliano Portale and the horse "Arachne of the Italian Army" conquered the top step of the podium in the 3-star category of the International Complete Competition (CCI) which took place in Palmanova (UD).

Il Complete Competition is a discipline that combines three different tests: the Dressage, where the pairs of riders and horses perform movements along geometric lines within a rectangular field, the Cross Country and Show Jumping.

Of the three tests, the most spectacular is the Cross Country, with horses and riders who have to overcome natural obstacles in the countryside (ponds, trunks, ditches, hedges), with the public in the front row a few meters from the race course.

The excellent performance in the Dressage, the absence of errors in the Cross Country and a clear path in the Show Jumping, have allowed the sergeant major Portale to maintain the first position, giving him and “Aracne”, bay of 2012, the victory.

In the same race, seventh place for the caporal major Roberto Riganelli riding “Utrillo Chatelier”.

The excellent results obtained in International Complete Competition of Palmanova confirm the high level of preparation of the athletes of the Military Riding Center.