GSPD: 4 victories for the athlete Sara Morganti in Paradressage

(To Greater Defense)

​The international indoor Paralympic riding season will kick off from 02 to 05 March, with the first appointment on the fields of the Scuderia della Malaspina.

The multiple champion Sara Morganti, athlete of Paralympic Defense Sports Group #GSPD, signs four consecutive victories in the most prestigious categories of the event, all riding his trusty Mariebelle.

Three days of competition, one team victory and three individual ones culminating in the victory in the Para Gran Prix Freestyle.

Rhythm, Energy, Elasticity, Harmony, Equestrian skills, Choreography, Music Interpretation: Sara and Mariebelle dominate.

The reigning Paradressage world champion, who wears the colors of the GSPD, had just received the "Best Rider Equitatus Olympic Disciplines" award, the "Grimaldi Lines Athlete of the Year Award" for having won the gold medal of the Paradressage World Championship and the “Road To Paris 2024 Kep Italia Award” at the FISE AWARDS 2023.

Point after point, victory after victory, the preparation for the Paris 2024 Paralympics continues, for which Italy has already obtained the Olympic pass with seventh place at the 2022 Equestrian World Championships, held in Herning (Denmark).

What best wishes for the GSPD athlete to start tackling a season that in September will have its climax in the European Championships in Riesenbeck, Germany!

For Aspera Ad Astra!