Filip Babicz sets new drytooling routes in Gran Borna

(To Army Majority State)

In 2019 the corporal chosen Filip Babicz, athlete of the Italian Army effective at the Army Sports Center of Courmayeur, freeing Integral Hades, had made one of the most difficult natural routes of modern drytooling, an alpine specialty that involves climbing a rock wall using only ice equipment: ice axes and crampons.

In recent days, having resumed the exploration of the Gran Borna, the athlete identified, on the opposite wall with respect to the Integral Hades, a parallel line, more direct and about fifty meters long, called Persephone. With two variants on the same route, shorter than the entire route, the trilogy named after Greek mythology took shape: the shorter variant named Hecate (goddess of darkness - released January 12 and the intermediate variant of name Kora (like the girl who later became the consort of Hades - traveled on January 16).

In search of the only way of drytooling totally natural, of the highest difficulty level, yet to be discovered, the Army athlete has basically created, in the Gran Borna, a real temple of ice ax climbing.