Army on the podium in the team competitions of the ski mountaineering world championships

(To Army Majority State)

Day of successes for the athletes of the Army of Army Sports Center – Winter sports section at the Boí Taüll World Championships, in Spain, where ski mountaineering competitions in pairs (team races) were scheduled.

In the men's competition the pair composed by the first graded Matteo Eydallin and the selected graded Robert Antonioli won the gold medal while the selected graded Nadir Maguet and the selected graded Davide Magnini won the third place.

In the women's competition, the chosen graduate Alba Desilvestro and the graduate Giulia Murada obtained an extraordinary silver medal.

At the end of the event, the graduate Manfred Reichegger, former blue and now coach responsible for the discipline, commented: "It is a test of character from our Azzurri who have been able to put their qualities into play. It is a pleasure to see that the work and experience of many years of competitions has been handed down to these athletes and to the younger ones and that the Alpini of the Army, of which I belong, in the end in the mountains in their environment they are always among the protagonists".