Two athletes from the Army win at Lille

(To Army Majority State)

Two Athletes of the Section of Parachuting of the Italian Army took part in the international competition Indoor Skydiving Weembinamic 2019, held in Lille (France) from November 29 to 1 December.

The team consisted of sergeant Daniela D'Angelo, chief corporal chosen Rosalinda Rusconi of the Army and two other excellent civil athletes (Katia Fiorillo and Magdalena Chucenka).

The competition took place inside the vertical free fall simulator, called Tunnel, on 10 round of the race. The specialty of Formation Skydiving consists in executing and repeating standardized figures, in the shortest possible time, in horizontal flight in 35 seconds, therefore the team that concludes several figures in the various rounds gets the best score.

The Italian Army Athletes have dominated the race since the first entry into the Tunnel, keeping the lead position firmly up to the last heat.
The competition was attended by 15 nations from all over the world with a hundred athletes in total who were confronted in the various disciplines of indoor parachuting.
Great joy for the athletes of this mixed squad, Army-driven, in hearing the Mameli Hymn being played at the end of the competition.