Rowing: the crew of the Navy at the fourth consecutive Italian title

(To Marina Militare)

With on board Vincenzo Abbagnale, the Tokyo 2020 Olympian, and the world medalists, Cesare Gabbia, Salvatore Monfrecola and Nunzio Di Colandrea, the four without of the Navy does not give way and keeps the bow in front of the 2018 edition.

With the exception of the 2020 edition of the Absolute Italian Championships, which due to a contagion from Covid-19 prevented the entire rowing team of the Armed Force from taking part in the competitions, the athletes trained by the technical director Giovanni Lepore and the technician Marco Russo in the Remiero Sports Center of Sabaudia (LT), they never let themselves be found unprepared for the competitive appointment.

The result of a great deal of work carried out in the Sports Center which, however, is not limited to the specialty of the four without but which extends like wildfire in every specialty. Neither is the Italian title won by the sailor Gabriel Soares in the Lightweight Single and the silver won by the sailors Andrea Maestrale, Raffaele Giulivo, Davide Verità, Salvatore Monfrecola and Jennifer Tribuzio (helmsman) in the specialty of the Quattro Con Senior Male.

Positive signs of a strong rowing tradition, which after the Tokyo Olympics continues unabated, and with great dedication and perseverance, to carry on those values ​​that find their maximum expression in sport, with a robust thread of continuity that goes from the top of the Navy up to the youngest athlete in the race.

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