Absolute Italian Canoe Championships

(To air Force)

The Italian Canoe Speed ​​Championship took place in the week from 10 to 13 September. The participation of over 800 athletes colored the artificial body of water located in the metropolitan city of Milan, inside the Lambro park.

The athlete of the Air Force Sports Center, first airman Manfredi Rizza, Olympic in Rio De Janeiro 2016, won the title in the specialty Kayak1 200m graduating as Absolute Italian Champion. As every year, fierce competition leaves no agile predictions. Thanks to a perfect qualification, won with great detachment, the path to the top of our canoeist was very easy, catapulting him directly into the final without having to go through further heats.

Reading the 34 "55 in a statistical key, the time recorded in the absolute final, we can safely say that this chronometer would have led the Italian athlete to compete in the Olympic final.