At the 35th edition of the Memorial d'Aloja 9 medals for the athletes of the Navy

(To Marina Militare)

New international appointment for the rowers of the Navy. The 35th edition of the Memorial Paolo d'Aloja.

The Azzurri who were protagonists at the recent European championships in Varese also took part in the international rowing event hosted by Italy. Among them also the athletes of the Navy: Giovanni Abagnale and Luca Parlato for the category senior and Gabriel Soares, Antonio Vicino for the category light weights. The event took place in compliance with anti-covid regulations.

Like every year, Italian and foreign athletes took part in the important international event. In addition to Italy, nine other nations are present: Belgium, Benin, Chile, Ivory Coast, France, Morocco, Namibia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe. Foreign corporate crews were also present such as the Belgians of the Ligue Francophone d'Aviron and the French of the Union Nautique de Lyon. The finals were broadcast live on RAI Sport.

For the Navy, the event opened with the victory of Giovanni Abagnale, former European champion on 11 April in Varese, over the four without a senior. In the same race second step of the podium for Luca Parlato on a mixed Italian crew. Gold for Gabriel Soares in the double lightweights and Bronze for Antonio Vicino in the single lightweights. The two sailors also took silver on the four scull lightweights. The youth sector of the Navy won over the double juniors with Stefano D'Agostini and Krystian Maron on board who prevailed over the blue crew, given as favorite.

"After the medal won at the European Championships in Varese, we returned to compete at the D'Aloja Memorial to put ourselves to the test again and test our state of form in view of the next World Cup races and the important appointment with the Tokyo Olympics. . I thank the Navy because it allows me to train at my best and to prepare myself to face these exciting challenges by providing me with the necessary support " said Giovanni Abagnale.

The Navy has always encouraged the practice of sport and in particular of rowing disciplines. In fact, the athletes of the Navy represent a fundamental component of the national rowing team which also chooses the structures of the Armed Force for its training. Military athletes can make sport a profession and this allows them to represent Italy in top-level sporting events such as the European championships, the world championships and the Olympics, bringing prestige to their country and to the Armed Force.