Naval Academy: the inter-class tournament of the pupils brigade concluded

(To Marina Militare)

At the "Villa Chayes" sports center of the Naval Academy of Livorno, the award ceremony of the interclass tournament of students brigade which has seen the students of the normal courses of the Naval Academy compete in sailing, basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, tennis, rowing and athletics.

The tournament is experienced by the brigade with a lot of participation and competitive spirit. This year we have achieved very important results, achieved after intense and demanding training. The first class set new institute records: in swimming with the 30 seconds and 7 tenths in the 50m female dolphin and 1 minute 57 seconds and 5 tenths of the women's 4x50 freestyle, in rowing with the 8 minutes 1 second and 9 tenths of the four female over the distance of 2000 meters and in the 25 meters sub male test with 12 seconds and 4 tenths.

Sport in the Naval Academy has not only the objective of improving the physical and mental conditions of the patrons but is, in fact, a fundamental pillar of training as it favors the transmission of some of the fundamental values ​​of being a Navy officer such as the spirit of sacrifice, loyalty and team spirit.

The sporting competitions between the classes, therefore, in addition to representing a heartfelt moment of competition, contribute from the earliest stages of military training in the Naval Academy to develop healthy competition and promote mutual knowledge among young officer cadets and to increase the spirit of crew.

"Congratulations to all the athletes of the brigade for the commitment and healthy competition put in place during the Tournament and a heartfelt thanks to the military and civilian instructors for their efforts in training activities and in organizing the competitions. I am proud of the results. sports you have achieved. Even when engaged in activities outside the Institute, you have always honored every commitment with passion and dedication, contributing to increasing the prestige of the Naval Academy and giving prestige to the Navy ". These are the words of the commander of the Naval Academy, division admiral Flavio Biaggi at the end of the ceremony and after having delivered to the 2nd class - "Legionaries" course - the Interclasses Trophy dedicated to Fallen of Monte Serra.