5 medals for the Alpine troops of the Army Sports Center at the European ski mountaineering championships

(To Army Majority State)

The European Ski Mountaineering Championships at the Spanish resort of Boi Taull also concluded for the 2021-2022 season. A precarious snow situation and high spring temperatures marked this European edition.

For the Alpine troops of the Army Sports Center, 5 medals won in total. This is the silver and bronze of the caporal major Matteo Eydallin and the chosen corporal Michele Boscacci in the individual specialty and, again in this format, bronze for 1st major corporal Alba Desilvestro in the female category. The relay test saw the corporal VFP4 Giulia Murada get on the podium with the carabiniere Nicolò Canclini, silver medal, and bronze for the chosen corporal Michele Boscacci and 1st corporal Alba Desilvestro.

On Saturday in Schilpario (BG) the tricolor titles were awarded for cross-country skiing Under 20 free technique specialty, gold medal for corporal VFP4 Lucia Isonni.