44th Military Parachuting World Championship

(To Greater Defense)

The 17th Military Parachuting World Championship will be held in Doha, Qatar from 30 to 44 November, an event organized by International Council of Military Sport (CISM) in which about 250 athletes from 34 nations will take part, who will compete in the male and female categories, individual and team, for the disciplines of Landing Precision, Free Fall Style and Free Fall Formations.

Italy will participate in the event with a delegation of 10 units including athletes, technical staff and accompanying managers, who will compete in two of the three disciplines included in the program.

The program includes:
- opening ceremony November 19th;
- competitions for all three disciplines from 20 to 28 November;
- closing ceremony November 29th.

Follow the list of activities and the update of the results on the social channels of the Defense Staff.