14 Navy medals at the 2022 European Swimming Championships in Rome

(To Marina Militare)

After 11 days of competitions between the most beautiful swimming pool in the world, the Foro Italico and the choppy waters of Ostia, the 36th edition of the 2022 European Swimming Championships in Rome ended yesterday.

"Each medal brings with it enormous sacrifices", this is the comment of the president of the Italian swimming federation after the historical results obtained in these unforgettable days: Italy is first in the European medal table!

14 are medals from the Marina Militare Sports Group!

The athletes of artistic swimming, sc 2 ^ cl Linda Cerruti, sc 2 ^ cl Costanza Ferro, sc 3 ^ cl Gemma Galli, sc 3 ^ cl Costanza Di Camillo and sc. Marta Murru thrilled the entire stadium by reaching the best scores ever, a symptom of a strong technical growth that allowed them to climb the podium 7 times, first with the silver medal in the technical team exercise, combined free and highlights and with Linda Cerruti in the technical only and in the free solo, then with the bronze medal Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro respectively in the free duo and in the technical duo.

In pool swimming, the sc. Stefano Di Cola is the 1st fractionist in the 4x200 freestyle who gets the silver medal at the opening of the Championships and returns to get on the podium with the bronze medal in the 4x200 freestyle mixed (MEN-WOMEN), concluding with a sixth place in the individual 200 freestyle competition.

From swimming to the diving pool, the sc 3 ^ cl Lorenzo Marsaglia is the new European champion from the 3-meter springboard, in the wake he adds two more silver medals to his neck, first in the 1-meter springboard and then in the 3-meter synchro. Not least is sc. Sara Jodoin Di Maria, she too is the new European champion in the mixed team event and vice European champion in the mixed synchro platform.

The races end with a missed bronze medal in the 25km of cross country for the sc 2 ^ cl Matteo Furlan who, despite having maintained the lead position in a difficult race up to 17km, saw the cancellation of the race due to adverse conditions of the sea.

The compliments to all the athletes who with their silent sacrifices have thrilled 55 thousand people in the stands and the whole audience from home, also come from the president of the Sports Group, the CV Fabio Livraghi, without forgetting the great and indispensable work behind the fifths of the Navy technicians and of the Competitive Sports Center of Tor di Quinto.

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