Vicenza: inauguration of the CoESPU Academic Year

(To Greater Defense)

The ceremony was attended by international authorities, including Ms Jennifer Pulliam, head of the Global Peace Operations Initiative of the US Department of State, commissioner Jun Tan, deputy police adviser of the United Nations, and Mr Mark Pedersen, head of the Training Service United Nations Integrated.

The highlight of the event was the lectio magistralis by Professor Michael Plummer, director of the School of Advanced International Studies for Europe at the Johns Hopkins University of Bologna.

During the previous academic year, CoESPU conducted 67 internship programs with as many doctoral students from 18 universities.

The center was established in 2005 to increase global support capacity for Peace Support Operations, in areas where it is necessary to manage the transition from a post-crisis situation to a more stable context in which to carry out reconstruction activities.

To this end, CoESPU has so far trained over 12.700 operators of peacekeeping from 128 countries.