Towards the dissolution of the Carabinieri Army


On the UNAC web page, and in particular on the 117 number of February 2012 of "La select dell'Arma", a decision is reported at least puzzling: "The weapon towards the dissolution. The European Union requires the demilitarization of the fourth Armed Forces and the unification of the Carabinieri to the State Police ".

The story had its beginning on 14 in May 2010, when the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Republic ratified the agreement on the Treaty of Velsen. The deputies present were 443, of which 442 voted. The motion was approved with all the preferences except for one abstention.

The 28 April, the Senate anticipated this decision, and even in this case unanimously. In fact, the Italian State ratified the European agreement for the establishment of a special armed force, called EGF. The European Gendarmerie Force, Eurogendfor or EGF, is the first supranational military body of the European Union.

The EGF is composed of EU military police forces, able to intervene in crisis areas, under the aegis of NATO, the UN and the EU.

Eurogendfor is composed of a force of 800 "gendarmes", a sort of rapid reaction force deployable in 30 days, and is completed by 1.500 reservists; the chain of command is entrusted to two central organs, one political and one technical. The first is the high-level inter-departmental committee, called CIMIN, an acronym for Comité InterMInistériel de haut Niveau based in Vicenza, composed of representatives of the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense adhering to the Treaty of Velsen. The second is the permanent headquarters, PHQ, in which official 16 and 14 sub-officers are framed, of which 6 and 5 are Italian.

The six most important positions, commander, deputy commander, chief of staff and sub-chiefs for operations, planning and logistics, are divided into two-year rotation between the various nationalities, according to the usual criteria for the composition of multinational forces.

This is not exactly a true European armed body, but a single European army in an embryonic stage, which will be placed in the employ of the European Commission and Parliament.

The dispute is in Article No. 84, in which the Arma dei Carabinieri is cited, which will be absorbed into the State Police, and this degraded into a second-level local police. The tasks that the Eurogendfor will have to carry out are: to guarantee public security and public order; perform judicial police duties; control, advice and supervision of the local police, including criminal investigation work; direct public surveillance and operate as a border police.

This means the loss of identity of the Police Forces in favor of a hybrid and multi-operative supranational training. Therefore, the European Gendarmerie will take on all the functions of the police, including investigations and arrests; NATO will be entrusted with its operational management; the new body will respond exclusively to an inter-ministerial committee, composed of the foreign and defense ministers of the member countries, released from the control of individual governments with a consequent collapse of national sovereignty.

Once again, membership of the EU penalizes Italy in one of its highest institutions.

Therefore, only the hope remains that the Italian Government will have the ability to return to an unacceptable, unacceptable and damaging decision of a part of history full of heroism, self-sacrifice, dedication and honesty built up over the years by the Carabinieri.

Giovanni Caprara