Secret Services: intelligence restarts recruitment (targeted)

(To Presidency Council Ministers)

The targeted recruitment of Italian Intelligence starts again. Starting today, new opportunities for young people interested in being part of the Intelligence Department staff who intend to make a concrete contribution to the mission of the DIS, AISE and AISI to protect national strategic interests in the political, military and economic fields, scientific and industrial. This is an opportunity that also calls on young people to have a heartfelt commitment to the values ​​that characterize the Security Information System of the Republic: loyalty, confidentiality, courage, the sign of patriotism, projection into the future.

The research is aimed at excellence with specific training in some sectors, such as: humanities, economics, law, international disciplines. As well as the technical figures with high linguistic knowledge, who have analytical skills, or experiences gained in areas, organizations and / or foreign bodies.

Furthermore, in support of the most recent initiatives launched by the government regarding national cyber protection and IT security, the selection also includes profiles with qualified skills in the various areas of cybersecurity, such as research, monitoring, analysis and contrast. to the threat.

The curricula available at the end of the research activity will be subjected to the required selective procedures, articulated in a preliminary screening of the applications received, and a second phase in which the profiles of professionalism, reliability and safety of the candidates are verified.

Please note that this research notice is not the only one of the recruitment channels allowed by the reform of the Sub-fund (3 law August 2007, n. 124): for all other profiles, in fact, the possibility to submit spontaneous applications through section of the site "work with us". As well as the scouting remains at the national universities for recent graduates who have closed their studies with a top vote.

You can submit your application by 12 at 10 May 2019 by registering on the site and following the instructions received by email.