ROS - AISI: arrest of a naval officer for crimes of political-military espionage and disclosure of secrets

(To Carabinieri weapon)

Yesterday evening, the carabinieri of the ROS, under the direction of the public prosecutor of Rome, arrested an officer of the Navy and an officer of the Russian Armed Forces stationed in our country.

The operation, carried out as part of a prolonged information activity conducted by the Internal Security Information Agency, with the active support of the Defense Staff and of which the group was invested, involved a frigate captain of the Navy and an officer accredited to the Embassy of the Russian Federation, both accused of serious crimes related to espionage and state security.

The intervention took place on the occasion of a clandestine meeting between the two, caught red-handed immediately after the sale of classified documentation by an Italian officer in exchange for a sum of money.

Following the outcome of the formal investigations, the officer was arrested, while the position of the foreign citizen is still being examined in relation to his diplomatic status.